Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thanks for coming!!

Thanks for all the nice pressies!!

We enjoyed his party...

Skyler enjoyed too!

but it was TIRING!!!

I guess that's the last birthday party we will be having at home. Next time, it will be elsewhere! There's just too much cleaning up afterwards, plus it was so chaotic, that i didnt managed to take much pictures! which is such a pity... =(

I totally love the cake from PINE GARDEN!!!

Skyler adores STARS!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Skyler is turning ONE!!!

Cannot believe that a year has past and Skyler is turning ONE this month!
He still has his fair share of sleep problems but i would rather not focus on that as I know his sleeping issues are BEYOND HOPE.

What has he achieved so far..

1. Think he weighs about 9.5kg and carrying him is really getting very difficult
2. He likes pulling himself to stand inside his play yard (it's really useful!! I regret not getting it earlier)
3. He knows what is "arms up"!! all thanks to the "my baby can read" dvd.
4. He simply adores........ CATS.
5. He knows the sign language for "milk"
6. He knows the words "balloon", "icecream", "orange", and will point to me when i asked him to. (thanks to the Parklon Playmat)
7. He will clap whenever he wants and not when i asked him to. *hng*
8. He still loves kissing grandma but not mama. *hng*
9. When granny goes to kitchen and he sees no one around, he will scream and pat his chest.. like telling us that he's 怕怕
10. He loves to yak.. "mama mama, papa papa.."

1. He IS a milk addict.
2. I haven't been very adventurous with his food as i do not want him to taste our kind of salty food as he will get used to it. But I can see that he is getting very tired of his tasteless porridge! Have tried Bao, Bread (he loves bread), shredded mozzarella cheese, and just bought some food from Petit Bowl to try.
3. There's alot of things he hates though. He hates TOMATOES, one thing for sure cos I tried numerous times to give him pasta as well as chicken tomato rice, he absolutely hate it cos he will have this "want to vomit" face with every mouthful I give him. hahah

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I need a play yard!

Seriously considering one.. I can't keep chasing him around the house.
Especially when i put him down on the mattress on the floor, he wants to crawl out of it. But i seriously doubt he will let me confine him hahaha


But i dont mind sitting inside together with him.
Just dont let me run around the house. Bleah

Skyler can crawl very well now and is trying to stand up. He LOVES praising and always looks to us when he felt he did something "great", like standing up without support haha.

Skyler's birthday is approaching too!
How Time FLIES! The lil guy is turning 1 soon! and preparations are underway. It will be a 2 in 1. Birthday cum House warming!

I need decorations, cake and the buffet!So these are the things I will try to settle soon.

He still has some sleep problems but I tried EVERYTHING, including setting a routine of massage every night.


So the experts are not always right and not every technique will apply to the babies. They talked about consistency and routines. So nap times must be consistent which means i have to stay home all day...

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's time to keep track...

of my sprees!

Nearly forgotten to collect one cloth book I collected from Skyler!
Forgettful mummy!

It's time to organize sprees for Skyler and sprees for Mummy!

Skyler Outstanding Sprees
1. Chest Bolster
2. Birthday Supplies
3. Happy Baby Melts

Mummy is buying more!
1. Payeasy
2. FitFlop
3. Taobao clothes!

what else... hope i didnt leave anything out

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skyler slept....

for a record breaking 9 hrs and 15 mins WITHOUT milk yesterday!!!

a miracle....LOL

he must be super tired that he conked out after milk at 11pm and slept till the next morning 8 plus.

He started crawling a few weeks back but he started to get the hang of it a few days ago. Maybe he is really tired with all the crawling on fours..

I hope this lasts...

PLEASE...... hee heehee

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just another Sunday

Blogging is almost out of my life already as TIME IS ALWATS NOT ENOUGH!

My blog posts have been reduced to all words and no pictures as Mummy is so lazy to upload! Took alot of pics during CNY but really abit lazy to upload when i'm online.

The little one is sleeping now and this gives me some time to do shopping online! That's the only thing why i log on these days.. hee

He's crawling already and last week, he managed to sit up on his own!

After achieving that milestone, he seems very pleased with himself and keeps repeating is again and again.

1. Go on all fours
2. Lie on Tummy
3. Try to sit up

Even when it's bedtime... he must be so fascinated that he is finally in CONTROL of his movement and no longer need to rely on mummy to sit up!

Okay... i should be back to my online shopping in case he wakes up again.. All his naps are not over 1 hour.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skyler turned 8 month!

He is doing well and today is his 2nd day of sleep training.

When most babies are sleeping through the night, he is still waking up every 4 plus hours, which we don't really know why. One possible reason is that he is just too used to being rock to sleep, and so when there is no motion, he will wake up. And so finally decided to let him sleep on his own at night.

The 1st night was not so good, he kept fussing when we didn't want to carry him to sleep in our arms. But when I talked to him and told him that he is a big boy now and has to sleep on his own, he looked at me for a while and stopped fussing. Instead, he rolled here and there on the bed trying to sleep. It took him quite a while to sleep but we persevered as we were really tired of all those sleep deprived nights!

It's been 8 months!!

Okay will update again on his sleep training portion. hee

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life is so busy~

Skyler is turning 8 months soon!

and life for me is as busy as ever, especially work.

Skyler still cant really sleep well at night, always wake up after 4-5 hours at night.
Why cant he seem to sleep through like other babies...

Maybe I shouldnt complain too much, what's important is he is healthy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time really flies...

when you have a kid..
and everyday is a new start for new things!

Skyler is 8.5kg now at 7 months!
When he was 5 kg (weighed like a bag of rice), I thought that i wont be able to carry him if he is heavier but strangely enough, he is 8.5kg now and I still can carry him with ease (for like 30 mins max lah) hahahha.

I have been MIA for quite some time, so what's up lately..

- Skyler can sit upright! I guess soon he will be crawling around the house
- He can put his feet into his mouth =___= which i dont know who taught him that, obviously NOT ME
- He understands simple instructions!!! like (坐下,嘴巴开)... he will follow after we said that
- He's starting to like fruits. Initially he doesnt like banana, apple or papaya. But now he loves them! so fickle-minded~
- He started on porridge! Mummy hasnt tried cooking for him before cos granny did all the cooking. hee
- He's going to get his passport and go for his 1st road trip soon!!

Santa Skyler's photos.... still in my camera..
Anyway, I think he is so going to hate me for dressing him until so niang. hahhaha

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Updated photos of Skyler!

Skyler's santa costume is here! and he will celebrate his 1st Xmas as a Baby santa!
So tempted to take him to a studio for photos...

First, here's his swimmming photos!