Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dr Yvonne Chan, our nice gynae

Today went to Dr Yvonne Chan and TMC's hospital tour. The rooms were beautiful but the delivery suites were abit messy.

Got this stress in the atmosphere.

I like Dr Yvonne's clinic as it's very quiet and peaceful but the nurses there spoke too softly. I think they do not want to scare the mums-to-be. They spoke so soft that I couldnt hear them sometimes.

They took mama's weight and height and blood pressure

WT : 47
HT : 1.67m

And today Mama and Pa Pa heard your heartbeat!! it's very strong. You were so naughty, trying to hide and Dr Yvonne couldnt find you at first and we were pretty worried, but finally you came out and Dr yvonne saw you! small but strong heart beating away.

Must jia you orhh baby!


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