Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Detailed Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a fruitful day!

Made an appointment with Studio Loft for a V day shoot at $25 bucks onli worrr!!
cheap right? hahaha

If they are good, we will take maternity photoshoot with them too. yay! mummy loves to take photos cause mummy dont have any photo when mummy was a little one. Only 1 PATHETIC baby passport photo which your ah ma dont know put where ler.. SAD RIGHT? Don't worry, you will have LOADS, HEAPS, and MOUNTAINS of photos.

And of course not to forget, we are scheduled to meet Dr Chan tomorrow too.
Remember to waveeeee horrr..and shake your bom bom =p

Love you baby.. love you everyday and find myself deeper in love with you.

Kick away Dear!!


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