Monday, April 6, 2009

That Faithful Day 17th March 09

It was a day that I will never forget.

I experienced tummy tightening and contractions for about 3 days and it has been at the back of my mind. I even noticed a decrease of bb movement compared to the previous week. But Dr Chan's appointment is the following Saturday and I was discussing with Darren whether I should go down earlier to check just to have a peace of mind.

I decided to go ahead cause the contractions are bothering me.

Dr Chan put me on CTG for 20 mins but discovered no contractions and asked me what did I feel? But upon examining my cervix, she actually was shocked to see that my cervix is only 2 cm when normal length is about 4-5cm.

Then next moment, everything happened so fast that it was a blur. Dr Chan quickly asked the nurse to bring in a wheelchair, and gave me my first steriod shot to boost bb's lungs if he is born now


It's oil based so the most painful part is when the liquid flows through your veins. And what's best was, that I need to take another shot of this thing 24 hours later. =(

I seriously panicked as IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THE BB TO COME OUT NOW! at 26 weeks! While seated on the wheelchair, I quickly called Darren and tell him to rush down.

Then next thing I was wheeled in Labour Ward for Observation. They put me on a drip to stop the contractions and on CTG for monitoring the whole night. And I was really having contractions but not very regular.

The ventolin drip made my tummy very soft and the contractions eventually stopped the next morning. I was warded into 4 bedder next morning after receiving the 2nd part of that steriod shot, constantly saying to myself "It's not pain, not pain, it's all in my mind"

Didnt work at all =__=

Dr Chan wants to keep me on strict bedrest (CRIB) for 3 weeks to observe.

I am officially our wawa's human incubator.

A few days later, contractions and pain came back and I notified the nurse, they wheeled me to Labour ward again.

I really dreaded going there.

I tried to keep myself calm as I realized, the more I panic, the contractions grew stronger. After observation using the CTG, Dr Chan commented that I have a very irritable uterus and maybe that is why I am having a constant tightening feeling. The nurses also asked me to slow down my movement whenever I turned on the bed as this could trigger off contractions too.

And I stayed on the bed without much activity from 17th March 09 to 6th April 09 spending 21 days in hospital. I would like to thank the following people who were there when I needed them most.

- Darren. Thanks for rushing to the hospital and staying with me till the nurses chase you back everyday, for bringing my favourite food, wiping my body when I couldnt bathe and thanks for loving me so much! I love you and wawa so so much too!

- My mum and dad for visiting me at least 2 times a day and bringing all my supplies and clothings to make my 3 week stay in Thomson comfortable and not so lonely

- Alina. Thanks for sharing tips with me about bedrest and your success story makes me more motivated to carry on! Thanks!

- Friends! Xin, Dias, Gerald and SFC peeps, Liren, Josephine and Qiu Ling for the time spent visiting me. *waves*. Thanks for the support and encouragement that you have given us during this trying period.

- Thanks to Dr Chan and the team of Thomson nurses especially Kristine, Roshaidah, Mdm Loke and Mdm Chong who really think for their patients and cheered me up during my stay. You ladies are the THOMSON ANGELS!!!

Through this episode, it also made me realized very clearly who are the people genuinely concerned about me and who are those that are only concerned about themselves.

I know in my hearts who they are, and will definitely remember them for their "support" during this period.

Nothing will bring me down and I will fight on for my bb's sake!!


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