Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 30

Mama weighed 51.7kg.
Just an increase of 0.5 kg, wondering whether there is something wrong with the weighing machine at the clinic.

You weighed 1463g.
Slightly underweight so hope you catch up soon. More durian feast coming soon!

It's bedrest day 30! Time seems to pass very fast day by day and after week 32, mama will start on your scrapbooking!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, how i wish i can immerse myself into cold water all day.

Dr Chan's appointment will be 2 weeks later and I think Papa will take leave to see you. hee Looking forward to the visit


Anonymous said...

Mama, Jiayou hor! We are just need to "dong" for another 6weeks k! I think my contraction is merely those BH contraction? Or its nesting instinct I suppose :) Just need to monitor as our dates are getting closer each day... Pray hard that all of the June MTBs will pass at least week 36 :)

Let of us JIA YOU!

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