Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week 34 visit

Mummy didnt gain any weight.

Weight remains at 53.10

You weigh 2.3kg

But Mummy is already dilated 1.5cm! Okay i'm starting to get the jitters of labour.. Starting to feel crampy, starting to feel a tearing pain below when I walk to the toilet. The bracton hicks contractions are getting more frequent too. Was still trying to target Week 37 as it will be the safest time for you to come out since it's full term but Dr Chan thinks it could be next week =(

Frankly speaking, i'm scared and worried of the uncertainties...worried whether you will do fine, worried about your health and scared of pain..

But after thinking about it, there is nothing to be scared of. You have done well since you hanged on to mama from week 27 till now, it's 7 weeks already! Although having a full term baby is every mother's wish, i think you will do fine as well even if you decide to come out next week.

In the meantime, please get fatter dear!


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